We also offer a few additional services so dog owners
can be confident that they are doing all they can to safeguard their pets and to keep within the law.

“This philosophy, in short, is one
based on non-harmful methods
of rectifying issues.”

Basic ID Tags

Engraved on site. Price on application

Why you should have visible Identification. Here is some useful information as to why you should chip your dog (and other pets).

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So what is it that I can do for you?


Given what I have learned and seen, it is my opinion that though there are dogs out there with personality extremes and some whose issues and their fixing is beyond my current knowledge, these are truly the minority and that in the main, most issues relating to dogs, (well those that I hear) are problems with the basics – walking, socialising, ID, day to day routines etc. This can be outdated knowledge from an owner. I truly believe that most of these can be rectified with the knowledge that I possess. I see on a daily basis, where if implemented, my knowledge could improve the very existence of both dog and owner.

Our founder Ian Webb was a dog warden for many years. His invaluable experience is at the heart of Dun-Roamin' in all we do and allows us to understand and rehabilitate dogs far better.


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It is my aim to help dogs stay with their owners through my assistance whereas without, the dog may very well be passed on or even worse, be put to sleep through a lack of understanding.

Mobile Dog

Done in the comfort of your own home for £12.50. Here is some useful information as to why you should chip your dog (and other pets).

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Brighter days ahead

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