Here are the current dogs Dun-Roamin' are caring for, all looking for a forever home. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these animals please call our rehoming centre manager (during office hours) on 07854 743726.

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Our Dogs


Buster is a 19 month old entire male cross breed who has come into our care as a result of a relinquishment with his owners feeling he was getting frustrated by the lack of time and attention they were able to give him.


We have found him to be a sweet, loving, friendly young man who is very clever and eager to please. As a result of his situation, an adolescent male, not neutered who has not had time to truly settle into a home, he has some minor behavioural issues which are easily rectified with a little guidance.


On our scale, an early door assessment would put him at around a 4.


Can you offer BUSTER the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at



Smudge is now around 17-18 month old and in his short time on this planet has never been in a home long enough to be able to call it home an indictment of the culture for amenable, changeable dogs that are to all intents and purposes, almost human.


This Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross male is now neutered as well as being vaccinated, kennel cough inoculated & chipped and with the powerful body, their are traits of something akin to a Collie or a Jack Russell.


Another of life's stress heads that copes poorly with the kennel environment and we would desperately love to see him settled in a quiet, calm home where ROUTINE and CONSISTENCY will bring out the dog that

we know is right there under the busy façade.


Been out twice and come back for reasons not of his own making.


I would place him quite highly on our scale at around a 7 so not for the faint hearted or inexperienced but a reward awaits anyone who can put their mind to loving this boy and can live alongside another dog

with a little patience, hard work and endeavor but not one for a home with young children or other forms of wildlife


Can you offer SMUDGE the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at


POPPY is a beautiful young cross breed who finds herself in our kennels at the tender age of just 12 months. Who, having been back in our care a month or so, we are now only just releasing for re-homing after getting on top of a skin condition which has reacted very well to minimal treatment and a good diet.


A very low threat, her only problems are frustration and typical puppy behaviors, nipping, jumping etc.


Will make a fantastic addition to most households and can live alongside other dogs.


Playful, loving and mischievous, someone will be very lucky indeed.


On our scale she is around a 3.


Can you offer POPPY the home she truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at


Condemned to death by a 'dog trainer' in his native Wales, Evan has come into our care in the belief that he was "too far gone" to be changed but with a little hope from the owner that this was not the case.


Now in our care at just about 1 year old, this neutered male collie cross has within just 2 days proved this to be a totally flawed assessment.


All this scared, timid but playful & friendly young man needed and requested, was a respectful approach and he will certainly get that whilst in our care. Walks well and fine in the presence of other dogs, this young man needs a home to fill him full of the confidence that he should have at this tender age.


Early assessments have him at around a 4 on our scale but subject to change.


Can you offer EVAN the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at


MARTY is not long past his 3rd birthday and sadly, begins his third year seeking a new home. He is a neutered male cross breed who is described as being "a very clever & loving dog" who is very much at home as a companion with a desire to please and gain the love and affection of his humans – "Great recall, no problems on walks".


Has lived with other dogs but was equally stubborn when faced with another stubborn dog and the problems came from neither backing down.


Very early days and so assessments are ongoing but at this stage, on our scale, I would place him at a 4.


Can you offer MARTY the home he truly deserves and longs for? Please contact us at

Our Dogs are homed at

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